Arrested for Drugs? Let’s Talk About Miami Drug Court

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If you’ve recently been arrested for drugs in Miami, one subject you might want to learn more about is the Drug Court program. Immediately after an arrest you should sit down and speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney regarding your drug charges. The attorney will review your arrest paperwork and let you know of any potential constitutional issues they see that may benefit your case. But what happens if the police didn’t make a mistake? Or what if you know you have a drug problem, and you want help? In certain circumstances, drug court is an excellent option for defendants arrested for drug crimes.

Benefits of Drug Court

There are two huge benefits to drug court: 1) when you successfully complete your drug court program, your case is dismissed, 2) you will receive treatment and information on reducing drug dependency. If you have a complicated drug case and the evidence against you is strong, drug court in Miami is another way to beat the charges. 

Miami Drug Court Eligibility

Involvement in a Drug Court Program is regulated by Florida Statute 948.08(6)(a). Commonly, an applicant is a person who has been accused of possessing or buying drugs. For a person to be eligible, the prosecutor must agree to divert the offender from the normal criminal justice system. Defendants with a history of violent crime, drug sale or trafficking, or have more than two priors for non-drug felony convictions are usually disqualified from enrolling in the Drug Court Program. 

After your arrest, and if you are approved by the prosecutor’s office, you will appear before the drug court judge. The judge will explain to you and your criminal defense lawyer the stages and rules of the Drug Court Program. The Miami Drug Court Program involves routine urine tests, treatment, and frequent court appearances. The judge and Court will monitor the client’s urinalysis records and treatment reports. Defendants who refuse to complete or withdraw from the Program have their cases sent back to the normal Criminal Court process where, if convicted, may serve time in jail. 

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