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If you or someone you know has been put in jail and can’t bond out, we may be able to help you get a bond. Our Miami criminal attorney wanst to help you understand the bond process, including:

  • What is a bond?
  • What are the basic elements of a bond?
  • How bond hearing schedules work
  • How a bond amount is decided

Luckily, the law says that the judge has to set a bond hearing quickly and make it reasonably easy to get released.

If you work with our firm, we will work hard to schedule a bond hearing as fast as possible and request the lowest bond or easiest conditions for release.

What exactly is a bond?

Pretrial Release is another term for a bail or bond.

From a technical standpoint though, a bail or bond is just the amount that you have to post before an individual can be released from jail before a trial.

But, even if you post the bond amount, you have to meet other conditions before they’ll actually let you out of there. The set of conditions they impose is called the Pretrial Release. A Miami criminal lawyer is going to be your best if you’ve been arrested in Miami.

The basic elements of a bond

You have a constitutional right to bail unless you are accused of a capital crime or you are In violation of your probation.

In the state of Florida, non-monetary release conditions are imposed if at all possible, but most judges require a bond amount be posted too. When the judge sets the bail amount, he thinks about how likely it is that you’ll flee if you’re let go.

If the court determines your charge isn’t serious or that you’re likely to stay, they may let you go without bail.

If the judge asks for a bail amount that you can’t afford, I can try to lower it for you.

How bond hearing scheduling works

At the bond hearing, the judge will make a decision about whether the bond should be reduced or whether the conditions of release should be altered.

Scheduling a bond hearing isn’t easy. A Motion to Set Bond has to be filed. The bond motion then has to be scheduled to be put before the right judge. And figuring out the right can be hard.

Then, once the right judge has been decided upon, they have to coordinate the hearing time with all the relevant parties.

How a bond amount is arrived at

Once a bond hearing has been scheduled, the judge will think about how long you’ve lived in the area, whether you have family living in the area, whether you’re working, and many other things.

The judge can include a number of factors in his decision-making.

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