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Colorado Day One: This is the Future

We’ve been in Colorado for almost twenty four hours and we can say the medical marijuana industry in Colorado is thriving and inspiring! Let’s start with the patients because at the end of the day, they are what the industry is truly about. Our guides in Denver are both long time growers and medical marijuana patients. With their help, we were able to meet with many other patients and understand their experience in not just the marijuana industry but a marijuana industry that also has recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana patients have access to stronger medicine than those who purchase marijuana recreationally. We’ve found a well regulated industry with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality care, adherence to the regulations, and discretion.

One of our many stops was Natural Remedies in Downtown Denver where we had the pleasure of a tour and Q&A.

(As seen below)


The first thing we noticed about this location was that we didn’t notice it!  If it had not been for our guides, we would have surely missed that there was even a business inside.  However, the sign to the left in the picture is what indicates there is a medical and recreational dispensary inside.  No big signs, marijuana plants, or advertising.  It is pictured below in closer detail.  In fact, driving around the Greater Denver area, we continuously noticed McDonald’s, Taco Bells, and other establishments, but had to be told to look where the dispensaries were located.  This was a bit of a surprise given some of the media coverage of the boom which depicts cliché giant neon cannabis plants outside of a business.  As to the patients, they were as diverse as any other business with professionals, students, and not the cliché “stoners” shown in media coverage.


Once inside of the Natural Remedies location, we were immediately carded for age and then asked whether we were interested in recreational or medical (with a valid “red card”- shown below).


The establishment is very welcoming and comfortable, but clearly takes compliance with regulation very seriously.  In fact, those without “red cards” are not even allowed in the medicinal side of the business.    Once on the recreational side (obviously we don’t have “red cards”), we were met by two budtenders (yes- like a bartender).  These guys were amazing. Friendly and knowledgeable not only about the medicine they were selling, but Colorado law and regulations.  Clearly very passionate about legalization as a means to get the necessary medicine to those patients in need as well as about the financial benefits being seen by Colorado government (33% tax on recreational sales).


Lastly, we stopped by a new grow operation tailoring specifically to the medical marijuana industry. This particular grower is a registered caregiver specializing in boutique high end strains for those patients with individualized needs.


Denver, thank you for the learning experience and we look forward to what our meetings will hold tomorrow.

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