Florida Gun Laws

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It is important to know the gun laws of the particular state in which you live. Each state has different laws regulating the sale, purchase, and possession of guns and firearms. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you figure out the law for your state.

Florida law is generally permissive when it comes to owning guns. A resident of Florida does not need a state permit to possess or purchase a gun. However, gun dealers must obtain a completed form from the buyer and must receive approval from the Department of Law Enforcement prior to the sale of a gun or firearm. Additionally, there is generally a three-day waiting period to buy a handgun from a retail store.

Although rules to purchase and possess a gun or firearm are, for the most part, lenient in Florida, there are still some guidelines that must be obeyed. Specifically, it is unlawful for any convicted felon, drug addict, alcoholic, mental incompetent, or vagrant to own, use or possess any type of gun or firearm. It is important to note that other rules may apply. You should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to get more information.
Among laws regulating the purchase and possession of guns, there are also laws regulating the carrying of guns or firearms. It is unlawful to openly carry any gun or firearm. It is also unlawful to carry a concealed firearm or gun without a license. However, an exception to these rules is when an individual is at home or at his or her place of business. Other exceptions include when individuals are fishing, camping, or hunting.

In Florida, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is a second-degree felony. Convicted felons who are successfully prosecuted with possessing a firearm are required to serve a three-year minimum mandatory sentence and can face other additional penalties such as fifteen years in prison, fifteen years of probation, or $10,000 in fines. However, if a convicted felon’s right to carry a weapon has been restored, this law may not apply.

Not only do gun laws vary between states, they also constantly change. It is important to keep up-to-date on your state’s gun laws. Contact Stroleny Law: Criminal Defense Attorney and our experienced criminal defense attorney, to find out more information regarding gun laws in Florida and how they apply to you.

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