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Interest in Medical Marijuana Businesses is Booming in Florida

In November, a new, uniquely profitable industry may emerge in Florida.  Florida voters will have the chance to vote on Amendment 2, a bill that can legalize medical marijuana in the entire state.  If Amendment 2 passes, Florida will become the 23rd state to legalize medical marijuana.

How does this effect Florida? The answer is quite simple.  The passage of Amendment 2 would create the emergence of a new industry and a new economy for Florida. This new economy could bring in anywhere from $8 million to $338 million in sales tax revenue for the state – a whole lot of profit especially since the state would only have to expend about $1.1 million to implement the medical marijuana measure!

 Peter Sessa of the Florida Cannabis Coalition can vouch for the increasing interest in the prospect of this new industry.  Sessa has said, “People see this as the next big American industry. They want a piece of it and they don’t know where to go.”

It is no surprise that Floridians want to capitalize on this new industry, however knowledge is key to ensure the success of the industry, especially an industry so new and unfamiliar.  Sessa has said,  “There’s interest in people who want to open up a dispensary. There’s interest in people who want to grow.  There’s people who are interested in wanting to have ancillary businesses.”  The potential in the medical marijuana business in Florida is exponential and in order to be as successful as possible Florida must be prepared and must also learn from the mistakes of previous states who have legalized medical marijuana.  In an effort to spread knowledge and awareness and to ensure Florida’s success in the medical marijuana industry, the Florida Cannabis Coalition is holding an event on Friday afternoon at the Renaissance Marriott Boca Ration.  The event will focus on the business impacts of medical marijuana in Florda.  All those interested in Florida’s medical marijuana industry are encouraged to attend.

For all of your Florida medical marijuana questions, contact an experienced Miami attorney at Stroleny Law, P.A.  Call us today to schedule a private business consultation to discuss medical marijuana business plans and proposals and to learn about your legal options in Florida’s budding medical marijuana industry.

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