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Justin Bieber Facing Another Possible Arrest for Robbery

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Following a string of incidents, music sensation and pop star Justin Bieber is once again facing trouble with the law. Justin Bieber is being accused of attempted robbery of a cell phone. Generally, attempted robbery is the attempt to take property from the custody of another with the intent to deprive the person of the property and when there is the use of force or violence.

The alleged incident took place during the night at a batting cage in Sherman Oaks on Monday, May 12 after Justin Bieber spotted a woman with her cell phone out. Bieber got involved in a confrontation with the woman and demanded that the woman hand him her cell phone so that he could delete any photos that the woman may have taken of him. After refusing to hand her cell phone over, Bieber allegedly decided to take matters into his own hands. According to the woman, Bieber then reached into the woman’s purse and snatched the cell phone.

This is not Bieber’s first run in with the law. Over the past several months, Bieber has been accused of felony vandalism in Los Angeles, assault in Toronto and was even arrested on suspicion of D.U.I. in Miami.

In Florida, robbery by sudden snatching is defined as the taking of money or other property from the victim’s person and when during the course of the taking the victim was or became aware of the taking. This is likely what Bieber would be charged with in Florida. This offense constitutes a third degree felony punishable by up to five years imprisonment.

Currently, the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident. No word yet on what will happen to Bieber, but it is likely that he won’t be facing anything more than a fine, probation or community service.

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