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How Severe Is Leaving the Scene of a Deadly Accident? A Criminal Attorney Explains.

How Severe Is Leaving the Scene of a Deadly Accident Criminal Attorney

One of the worst nightmares a driver can face is to be involved in a deadly car accident. The word “accident” expresses the fact that the driver did not intend to cause injury or death with their vehicle. Even though a deadly accident is not intended, leaving the scene of the accident in such a case is treated as a severe offense. In the worst case scenario, it could lead to a 30-year prison sentence. People who are faced with this situation should find a qualified Miami criminal attorney to deal with this serious case.

Did Leaving Contribute to the Death?

One crucial factor the prosecution will try to prove in such a case is that the driver’s leaving the scene played a role in the death of the other person. If no one was around to call an ambulance in time to save the person’s life because the driver left, the driver could be face enhanced penalties. The sentence can be increased by as much as ten years in this case. The situation may be less severe if it can be proven that departing from the site did not contribute to the death.

What Are Some Penalties a Driver Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Accident Can Face?

Judges and the public do not treat the situation of drivers leaving the scene of an accident lightly, particularly if there is a fatality. Possible penalties in this case can include:

  • Four-year mandatory minimum sentence
  • A lack of a bond status if there were prior convictions
  • Restitution of damages
  • Driver’s license revocation for several years
  • Over a hundred hours of community service
Criminal Attorney - How Severe Is Leaving the Scene of a Deadly Accident

Criminal Attorney – How Severe Is Leaving the Scene of a Deadly Accident

A criminal attorney in Miami can find ways to lessen these penalties, particularly for drivers who have a clean record. The prosecutor will provide a scoresheet to determine how serious the offense was and to decide on the penalty. A criminal attorney in Miami who is experienced in dealing with these scoresheets can find ways to limit the severity of the punishment.

Leave Your Car Alone

A Miami criminal defense attorney may advise you to be careful about having your car repaired if you have left the scene of a fatal accident. The court may interpret this as tampering with evidence. Be prepared for significant scrutiny in such a case and consult with a Miami criminal law firm immediately following the accident.

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