Thinking about Streaking in Florida? Put some clothes on!

Written by:Julian Stroleny PortraitJulian Stroleny

Streaking is the act of running through a public or private place naked, without clothes on.  The act of streaking essentially consists of an individual exposing his or her body to the public eye.  Although the act of streaking is usually done to complete a dare or prank and is oftentimes a great source of comedy in movies, it is illegal in Florida.  Amidst all the fun and games, everyone forgets that streaking is an actual offense punishable by the law.  If you are charged with indecent exposure and subsequently convicted, you could be facing serious consequences. Contact an experienced Florida criminal lawyer to discuss your case and learn about your legal options.

Indecent exposure laws vary between states. A criminal defense attorney in your state is best equipped to protect your rights and help you achieve the best results.

Florida law classifies indecent exposure as a first-degree misdemeanor.  Those found guilty of the offense can serve up to one year in jail or face twelve months of probation as well as incur fines.  Additionally, a successful indecent exposure conviction carries significant lasting effects.  If you are found guilty, the offense can interfere with various aspects of your life including employment and school. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn more about the lifelong devastating consequences of an indecent exposure conviction.  A qualified criminal defense attorney can work with you and your prosecutors to help reduce the negative consequences that can stem from an indecent exposure conviction.

So, next time you’re thinking about running down a street naked, consider keeping your clothes on.

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