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What to Do When Pulled Over by the Police – Criminal Lawyer Tips

When we’re blindsided by the glare of blue police lights in our rear view, a common reaction is to break into a cold sweat. This isn’t only true for guilty individuals. It’s quite natural for most of us. After all, no one wants to be on the wrong side of the law. The first and most obvious step is to search for a place to pull off. But step two, whether you’re guilty of a crime or not, is to remain calm in the events that follow. This always produces the best results, and remember, you do have rights which exist to protect you. Recall the following rights to mind if you ever find yourself pulled over by the police:

  • The right to remain silent (This includes all passengers too)
  • The right to refuse consent to search of your car or your person
  • The right to a lawyer in the case of an arrest
  • Constitutional rights, regardless of your immigration status

When Facing Questions on your immigration status:

Whether you are a supporter of new immigration policies in the US or not, the recent election of Donald Trump makes this question especially relevant today.

At this point, you are under no obligation to answer questions relating where you were born, or even whether you are a US citizen or not. This knowledge can assist your case tremendously when you later enlist the services of a reputable criminal lawyer in Miami.

However, if an immigration agent requests your immigration documents, you will need to show them. Never provide false information or documentation. If you have no documents, you are legally entitled to tell the officer that you have the right to remain silent, and do so. Allow a Miami criminal attorney to do the talking on your behalf.

What to do During a Search

Knowing your rights in these situations will likewise help reduce your level of nervousness, even if you have done something which could result in arrest.

During a search, tell the officer that you do not give consent to a search. Because police officers use body cameras, being polite and clear will work to your advantage when this evidence is later used by a Miami criminal lawyer.

In Case of Arrest

Remain calm while stating that you request a lawyer. There’s a good chance that a knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Miami will be able to lessen the degree of the charge or hopefully even have it thrown out of court.

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