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4 Tips to Avoid a Traffic Ticket from a Criminal Attorney In Miami

4 Tips to Avoid a Traffic Ticket from a Criminal Attorney In Miami

You’ve been pulled over by the cops for speeding, for running a red light, or for failing to stop at a stop sign. You’re cursing under your breath right now and you’re wishing things had turned out differently.

While this is always a frustrating and worrying moment, don’t panic just yet. Police are people too and many of them are very reasonable. They know that we all make mistakes from time to time and that you may very well be a great driver who was just having a bad day, or perhaps were momentarily distracted.

In other words, if you respond correctly then there’s a chance that you may be able to avoid a ticket. Here are some tips from a Criminal Attorney In Miami to help you ensure that happens.

  1. Use Your Manners

The first and most important tip is to make sure that you remember your manners and that you answer respectfully. A lot of cops are given a hard time when they pull someone over for a traffic ticket. It feels personal, but the truth is that it really isn’t. The cops are just doing their job and they probably don’t particularly enjoy this aspect of their responsibilities!

If you have a go at them and act rudely, then you are hardly going to warm yourself to them and you are hardly going to increase your chances of being given the benefit of the doubt. So, remember your “pleases” and “thank yous!”

  1. Be Agreeable

In fact, if you ignore your manners and give the cops a hard time, you can even risk accumulating further charges. That’s why a good Criminal Attorney In Miami will tell you to be agreeable and to comply with reasonable requests.

  1. Control Your Emotions

You’re probably thinking that this is all obvious. Of course, you’re not going to intentionally aggravate the person who can decide whether or not you get a ticket!

But when it actually happens to you, you can find your common sense and logic going out the window. You’re angry at yourself for making the mistake (and getting caught!), you’re annoyed at the cops for making a big deal out of it, and you’re stressed that you’re now going to need to pay a fine and explain why you didn’t look where you were going.

All these issues can result in your behavior being less than stellar. So, to avoid unnecessary trouble with the law, focus on developing your self-control. If you are prone to angry outbursts, then it might be a good idea a different way of dealing with stressors. This can help you to avoid eventually getting into an altercation before the issue even arises!

  1. Don’t Try to Bribe
Criminal Attorney In Miami - 4 Tips to Avoid a Traffic Ticket

Criminal Attorney In Miami – 4 Tips to Avoid a Traffic Ticket

Whatever you do, don’t try to bribe the police officer! Not only will this not work, but it will also risk an entirely new fine: bribing a police officer is an offense in itself and enough reason to need a Miami criminal defense attorney!

Once again, just be agreeable and produce your license when asked, while being polite and respectful all the while. If you do find yourself at risk of being prosecuted for a crime, get in touch with a Miami criminal defense attorney so they can help you make informed decisions regarding your case. If you feel that the ticket is unfair, wait until you have legal representation and you can deal with the issue in court.

Don’t try to take the law into your own hands! This almost always ends badly and often results in a worse outcome than you would have received otherwise!

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