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Leaving the scene of an accident in Florida can result in serious criminal charges. If you are the driver in a hit and run accident, you could face jail or prison time, hefty fines, probation, and the suspension of your driver’s license. 

The penalties for a hit and run crash will vary depending on whether or not property damage or bodily injury was the result. At Stroleny Law, P.A., we know how tough Florida law is on hit and run offenders. This is why you should contact our team to speak with a hit and run accident lawyer. Our client-focused approach is what sets us apart, giving you the personal attention you deserve while we protect your rights.

Contact our Miami hit and run defense attorneys today at Stroleny Law, P.A., to discuss your case. 

Penalties Faced by a Hit and Run Driver in Florida

When you are in a car accident in this state, Florida law requires you to stay at the scene of an accident to exchange your contact information. If anyone involved has an injury, especially a serious bodily injury, you must call for medical attention. Not doing this basic act is considered a criminal offense for which the penalties could be extreme.

If you left the accident scene, it is considered a hit and run, and you will want to seek immediate representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you against these criminal charges.

In a Miami hit and run accident with only property damage, you will face a second degree misdemeanor. This is punishable by up to 60 days in jail plus a fine up to $500.

Leaving the scene of the accident where there are injuries, particularly serious injuries, will result in third-degree felony charges. You’ll be facing up to 5 years in prison plus a fine up to $5,000.

Naturally, leaving the scene of an accident in which someone dies is the most serious of Miami hit and run charges. You will face a first-degree felony which could mean up to 30 years in prison plus a fine up to $10,000. If you are facing these charges, you must consult a homicide defense lawyer in Miami immediately.

No matter the type of hit and run charge you are facing, it is a serious legal matter. You must get the best legal representation to fight the charges against you. Contact a Miami criminal defense attorney at Stroleny Law, P.A., to discuss your case.

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Additional Penalties from Hit and Run Cases

There are more penalties you can face in a hit and run charge besides fines and jail or prison time. Your driver’s license can be suspended, plus you may have to serve community service hours, attend drug and alcohol counseling, and potentially face a civil action brought by the injured party or their surviving family members in which they could pursue compensation.

Being convicted of a hit and run also means you will have this on your criminal record. It may be difficult to find gainful employment because of this conviction. You may have trouble being approved for loans or renting an apartment too.

Having a Miami criminal defense lawyer to represent you can help you fight your charges and avoid these damaging penalties. An experienced defense attorney with Stroleny Law, P.A., can discuss potential strategies in your defense or even have charges reduced. Contact our legal team today to discuss your hit and run case with full confidentiality.   

How to Defend Your Florida Hit and Run Case

Whether you are facing a second degree misdemeanor or first degree felony, hit and run charges can impact your future and your freedom. However, there are many reasons a person may have been leaving the scene of the accident without intending to do the wrong thing.

For example, the Miami Dade Police Department may arrest you for hit and run charges when you had no idea you’d hit another vehicle. This happens often in accidents with only property damage, such as for a parked car. Packed parking lots with tight spaces or parallel parking can make maneuvering difficult. Leaving the scene of the accident or not realizing the extent of the damage involved means you made a mistake rather than are guilty of committing a crime.

Your Miami criminal defense lawyer will weigh the facts of the case and go over your options for legal strategies. You may have had exigent circumstances in which there was an emergency that forced you to leave the crash scene.

Another defense for hit and run is that you may have seen you were injured and sought immediate medical attention. In order for this defense to be considered, you would need to have medical records that can attest to you driving directly to the hospital after the collision.

In some cases, especially in Miami, a driver flees because they fear the other driver is violent. If you received some threat from the driver of the other vehicle, you may need the help of an independent witness to corroborate the details.

Regardless of the evidence against you, Stroleny Law, P.A., will work tirelessly to defend you against your hit and run charges. We will diligently work to represent you and find the best possible outcome in your unique circumstances. If you are facing a Florida hit and run charge, don’t wait another minute to get the aggressive legal defense you need in Miami Dade County.