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Misdemeanors are minor offenses or lesser criminal acts. Although they are less serious than felonies, misdemeanors can carry significant penalties. A misdemeanor is punishable by up to one year in jail. Although jail time is not typical of a first misdemeanor charge, other severe consequences such as license suspension, deportation, increased insurance rates, inability to become a citizen may result. It is important to secure the assistance and expertise of a qualified criminal defense attorney to prevent unintended consequences of a misdemeanor from occurring.

Misdemeanors include assault and batteryCannabis (Marijuana) possessiondomestic violence, drinking in public, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, disorderly intoxication, indecent exposure, loitering and prowling, obstructing justice, petit theft, retail theftprostitution, resisting officer without violence, shopliftingstalking, and trespassing. More information on each of the above listed misdemeanor crimes can be found below.

Assault occurs when an individual makes an intentional and unlawful threat by word or act to commit violence against another person with the apparent ability to carry through with the threat at the time it was made and the threat created a fear in the intended victim that the violence was imminent.

Battery occurs when there is an actual and intentional touching or striking of another person against that person’s will or the intentional causing of bodily harm to another person.

Cannabis (Marijuana) Possession is the unlawful possession whether on the person or otherwise of Cannabis or Marijuana in any form. Marijuana possession may be legal if prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner. However, certain rules or restrictions do apply – only a qualified criminal defense attorney can help you determine if your marijuana possession is lawful.

Domestic Violence typically crimes of passion occurring between spouses, life partners, girlfriends, boyfriends, family members, or houseguests.

Criminal Mischief takes place when an individual willfully and maliciously injures or damages another person’s property.

Disorderly Conduct takes place when an individual commits an act that corrupts the public morals, outrages the sense of public decency, or affects the peace and quiet of others. Disorderly conduct can occur when an individual has engaged in fighting or other forms of beaches of peace.

Disorderly Intoxication / Drinking in Public occurs when an individual is intoxicated and endangers the safety of another person or property, and when an individual is intoxicated or drinking any alcoholic beverage in a public place or in any public conveyance and causes a public disturbance.

Indecent Exposure is a sex crime that occurs when an individual exposes or exhibits his or her sexual organs in public or on the private premises of another or, so near thereto as to be seen from such private premises, in a vulgar or indecent manner, or to be naked in public except in any place provided or set apart for that purpose.

Loitering and Prowling occurs when an individual loiters or prowls in a manner unusual for a law-abiding citizen. Additionally, the behavior must be alarming in nature, creating an imminent threat to public safety.

Obstructing Justice includes any of the following crimes: Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Disobeying a Lawful Order by Law Enforcement, Falsely Impersonating an Officer, Harassing a Witness, Introduction of Contraband into a Correctional Facility, Perjury, Providing False Information in Bail Application, Resisting Officer with Violence, Resisting Officer Without Violence, or Tampering with a Witness.

Petit Theft (Shoplifting) occurs when an individual steals or tries to steal property belonging to another person or business and the value of that property is less than $300.

Retail Theft (Shoplifting) occurs when an individual takes or carries away merchandise, property, money, or negotiable documents or alters or removes a label, universal product code (UPC), or price tag, or transfers merchandise from one container to another, or removes a shopping cart with the intent to deprive a merchant of the item’s possession, use, benefit, or full retail value.

Prostitution is the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire. More commonly, it occurs when an individual engages in any type of sexual activity in exchange for money.

Resisting Officer without Violence occurs when an individual knowingly and willfully resists, obstructs, or opposes a law enforcement officer engaged in the execution of legal process or lawful execution of a legal duty. A law enforcement officer includes a police officer, deputy sheriff, correctional officer, probation officer, or a person legally authorized to execute process.

Stalking takes place when an individual repeatedly engages in behavior that is purposely aimed at causing distress to another individual.

Trespassing occurs when an individual willfully enters or remains on another’s property without authorization, license or invitation.

If you have been charged with a Misdemeanor Crime, it is important to seek a Criminal Defense Attorney immediately.

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