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Beating Drug Possession Charges in Miami, FL – Laws in Miami

Beating Drug Possession Charges in Miami, FL. Drug Possession Laws In Miami.

If you’re facing drug possession charges in Miami, you may have an underlying drug problem you are unaware of. Most non-users don’t understand the real challenges drug addicts face on a daily basis. You may know people who are still under the assumption that drug addicts are simply lazy or weak-willed.

Of course the truth about drug addiction is far more complex. Only fairly recently has drug addiction found its rightful place as a “chronic disease,” within medical science. The addict seeks out drugs, often against their own will. The first time a person uses drugs may be voluntary, but in many cases the brain eventually creates a dependency cycle that is almost impossible to escape, without help.

Drug Possession Laws In Miami

According to Section 893.13, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription from a licensed doctor constitutes a third-degree felony. The punishments for this offense include:

  • A jail sentence of up to 5 years
  • A fine of up to $5000
  • Probation

Possession of up to 20 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor which can result in a fine of up to $1,000 and a maximum of one year in jail, or some combination of the above. If you would like an informed assessment of the charges you are facing, our Miami criminal defense lawyer is only a phone call away.

First-Time Arrests

Across a broad range of state jurisdictions, lawmakers and probation offices have reached the same conclusion that penalization for drug abuse is often, if not in most cases, ineffective.  As a result, drug courts have been implemented across the country, with the aim of addressing the deep-rooted causes of drug addiction. Rehabilitation is achieved through treatment rather than resorting to punishing the afflicted addict. A Miami criminal defense lawyer who understands your concern for you or your child’s addiction can familiarize you with some of the options available.

In short, a typical rehabilitation program accepts non-violent, first offenders who face drug-related charges. Eligible offenders will be able to avoid a conviction and maintain a felony-free record. This comes as a relief to many. We know drug courts well and our Miami criminal attorney has helped to drastically reduce the charges in many drug cases for our clients.

The Requirements For Participating In Adult Drug Court

  • Admission of a drug addiction problem
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must show the desire to undergo treatment
  • Giving up your right to the usually shorter trial time-window
  • You (typically) must be a first-time participant in the drug program
Drug Possession Laws In Miami. Beating Drug Possession Charges in Miami, FL.

Drug Possession Laws In Miami. Beating Drug Possession Charges in Miami, FL.

Are you facing drug charges and in need of a criminal attorney in Miami who fully appreciates the anxiety which comes with such a situation? We’ve handled hundreds of drug-related cases throughout our collective careers and are confident that we will achieve the best outcome possible for you. Contact us today. We look forward to assisting you.

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