How to Avoid a DUI Conviction

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How to Avoid a DUI Conviction - Advice From a Miami DUI Attorney

Florida’s zero-tolerance approach to DUI makes it a charge that can have serious consequences; even a first-time offense can carry a fine of up to $1,200, 6 months of jail-time and a license suspension of 12 months.

These strict penalties mean that drivers should be tactful when stopped by police. Becoming agitated will only worsen the situation. Here are a few tips for avoiding an unnecessary run-in with law enforcement.

Tip 1. Keep your vehicle in top condition

By maintaining your vehicle in a road-worthy state, you’ll eliminate the need for officers to pull you over in the first place.

Tip 2. Never back away from checkpoints

Although tempting for many drunk drivers, executing a U-turn can land you in hot water. Rousing the suspicion of police officers by encouraging your friends to do the same is inadvisable.

Tip 3. Breath mints don’t always mask the alcohol

If you’re sweating, Tic-Tacs won’t prevent alcohol fumes from seeping out of your pores. Police officers are actually more suspicious if they can see you quickly popping a piece of gum into your mouth.

Tip 4. Sleep it off in the Back Seat

Instead of heading out on the road with a blood alcohol level that could land you in jail, it’s always preferable to sober up by sleeping in the back of your car for an hour or two. Take the keys out of the ignition to show you have no intent of driving.

Tip 5. Be respectful at all times

Your chances of walking away without a DUI charge are far better if you can show a humble attitude. So keep the Dutch courage for another time.

Tip 6: Don’t let Alcohol loosen your Tongue

If you’re arrested, it’s best to let a skilled Miami DUI lawyer do all the talking. None of us are nearly as smart as we think we are when under the influence of alcohol.

Tip 7 : If you Decline alcohol testing, do it in a respectful Manner

If you know you’ve had far too much to drink, it’s preferable to avoid any and all forms of sobriety testing. You’ll be arrested, but you have a greater probability of avoiding conviction. The evidence for your impairment is at stake.

Tip 8: If You’ve Been Arrested for DUI Before, Take the Breath Sample

Been arrested on DUI charges before? Then try to weigh up the options. Refusing to take a breath test after a first-time DUI offense is a crime. Are you willing to have your license suspended for a year?

Tip 9: Hire a Specialized Miami DUI Attorney


When you have been arrested on DUI charges, the best course of action is to contact a knowledgeable Miami DUI attorney as soon as possible. Call the Stroleny Law: Criminal Defense Attorney DUI law firm in Miami today to stand the best chance of avoiding unfair conviction. Delaying this process can create even more trouble in the long run. The window period whereby license suspension can be contested is crucial if you want to avoid long-term ramifications, from higher insurance premiums to negative impacts on your self-reliance.

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