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Effective Drug Crime Defense Strategies From a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney


Drug crimes are serious, and being charged with a drug crime can have a negative impact on you for the rest of your life. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), there were 1,841,200 drug arrests in the United States in one year alone. Are you part of this statistic?

We believe that drug charges should not affect you for the rest of your life, especially if you are the victim of a crime yourself. Our firm is staffed with an experienced Miami drug crime lawyer who can defend your case in court and get you the justice you deserve.

Here are some effective drug crime defense strategies that have worked when practically applied in the courtroom.

The Constructive Possession Defense

The constructive possession defense is often used when there are drugs found at a traffic stop with several people in the car or when there are drugs found in a public place with several individuals present.

The constructive possession defense states that someone cannot be held responsible for something illegal discovered in an area to which other people will have had reasonable and free access, and an experienced criminal defense attorney in Miami can argue to have your drug charges dismissed in court on this basis.

Motion to Dismiss Confidential Informant

Drug Crime Defense Strategies - Criminal Defense Attorney

A Motion to Dismiss Confidential Informant is a defense that can be used in court if your drug charges arose from an informant. In many different cases, a drug crime attorney in Miami can move to have your charges dismissed on the basis that the confidential informant (also called the CI) is not a credible witness. This can be argued in cases where confidential informants were coaxed to provide false information as a means to lessen their own sentence.

If you have been affected by drug charges, we believe it should not impact the rest of your life negatively, and we believe victims should not be victimized further. Contact our firm for a consultation—we can provide you with more information based on your individual case, and the consultation with one of our lawyers is free.

Motion to Suppress Evidence

A Motion to Suppress Evidence is another possible defense that can be used by your criminal attorney to defend your drug charges in court. This defense applies if your drug charges arose as a result of a search of your property or vehicle without a warrant, and your rights were violated under the Fourth Amendment.

When this defense is argued in court, it is stated that the search itself was against your constitutional rights and, therefore, the evidence collected cannot be used against you.

If you have been affected by drug charges, you’re going to need a tough criminal attorney who is sympathetic toward your case at the same time. Contact our lawyer for a consultation today.

Addiction Mitigation

Drug Crime Defense Strategies - Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

The last possible defense that can be argued by your attorney, if you have been affected by drug charges, is known as addiction mitigation. Under this scenario, the goal is for the defendant to enter a drug rehabilitation program rather than be sentenced with time in jail. This defense is argued as a last resort in court.

A Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been affected by drug charges, then you will need an experienced attorney who can represent your case in court and ensure excellent representation and the justice you deserve. Our lawyer has seen and successfully represented hundreds of cases just like yours before.

Make an appointment with  our criminal attorney or give us a call. We have an experienced attorney available at our Miami criminal defense law office standing by to answer your questions.

Stroleny Law, P.A. handles a variety of criminal law cases, so call now if you have any questions.

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