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Florida Bill Seeks to Add Medical Marijuana Growers to Market

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Medical marijuana law is on the books in Florida and if you have a qualifying condition, you might want to check with a medical marijuana law firm in Miami to help you get the medical treatment you need. Right now, the state of Florida is still in the beginning stages of rolling out the rules, and the first step is to decide who can sell the product. There are seven companies that are legally allowed to grow and sell marijuana currently. But a new bill being introduced allows more growers, which creates competition and lowers prices. The bill was filed by Senator Jeff Brandes (R).

The use of marijuana for certain medical conditions was passed by a large majority of Florida voters in November, but just like in every other state that has legalized marijuana, either recreationally or medicinally, there are problems to overcome.

Florida already allows a limited medical marijuana users to treat themselves with CBD oil, but part of this bill introduces new legislation that would allow medical marijuana users to smoke it in addition to being allowed to use the oil. Those seven companies previously mentioned are the manufacturers of that oil.

“We need to make a public policy decision of whether we’re going to put Stage Four cancer victims in prison or in jail for smoking marijuana,” said Brandes in an interview. He also called the seven companies that currently monopolize the medical marijuana marketplace “a cartel.”

Medical Marijuana Law Firm in Miami Medical Marijuana in Florida

Medical Marijuana Law Firm in Miami – Medical Marijuana in Florida

The bill also will limit the number of dispensaries that can be built. It would put a cap of one dispensary per 25,000 residents of Florida, or a state total of a little under 800 dispensaries. The bill would still allow local communities to decide if they want to prohibit medical marijuana in their area.

If you are trying to get treatment for a condition with marijuana or you have any legal problems with the substance, you might need a Miami criminal defense attorney. A Miami criminal lawyer can help you with pending court cases involving marijuana or with a legal battle to get marijuana for a medical condition. If you have obtained a recommendation, with this new bill being introduced you will hopefully have a nearby place to buy it and permission to smoke it legally as well.

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