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A Criminal Lawyer’s Guide to Avoiding a Holiday DUI

The holiday season is filled with holiday parties and work events, as well as joyful get-togethers with family and friends. However, the seasonal festivities are frequently accompanied by excessive alcohol intake, leading to a substantial increase in DUI stops, and deadly drunk driving crashes every year.

To detain presumed drunk drivers and maintain road safety, police districts all through Florida and other states have expanded the amount of law enforcement officers patrolling the roads and set up DUI stops during holidays and weekends. If you intend on enjoying a few alcoholic drinks whenever you celebrate, there are quite a few practical moves you can take to avoid wasting your holiday season in police custody. 

Here are some techniques to prevent a DUI during the holidays madness:

  • Avoid drinking – You won’t get a DUI if you stay sober all through a party prior to getting behind the wheel. Additionally, you can act as a designated driver and assist your loved ones get home safe and sound. The best advice a DUI defense attorney can give you is to not drink at all.
  • Find a designated driver – If you intend on drinking at a party, you can have somebody act as your designated driver to prevent any drunk driving on your way home. Make sure the individual responsible for taking you home won’t give in to peer pressure and drink alcohol, notwithstanding their promise.
  • Order a ride from Uber or Lyft – If you can’t get a designated driver, you can utilize a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft to get you home in safe hands. Keep in consideration, if there are more people requesting rides in a specific area than available drivers, surge pricing may go into effect.
  • Sleepover at a friend’s home or pay for a hotel room – If the party you’re enjoying is far from your house, keep from driving yourself all the way back home by sleeping at a friend’s home that’s close by or book a hotel room within walking distance.
  • Have the party at your house – To prevent leaving your house entirely, why not host an event there? Be sure you have lots of extra space for visitors to spend the evening or organize driving arrangements.

If you have been arrested, don’t panic. Remain calm and politely inform the officer that you wish to remain silent and speak to your lawyer.  You can call our office 24/7 and speak with a criminal lawyer in Miami regarding your DUI stop. 

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