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If you’re under investigation for any type of sex crime, you need to contact a criminal attorney in Miami right now. There is no time to waste. Every second you don’t get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer in Miami could come back to hurt you. Your chances of quickly resolving the allegation go down the longer you wait to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney in Miami. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, you really should not defend yourself. You could end up in jail for a very long time because of sex offense allegations so do not hesitate to reach out to a Miami criminal lawyer as fast as possible.

Anthony Weiner was a key reason that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. The criminal sex offense allegations he was facing were quite serious. We all know how much it can damage your reputation to have a sex crimes charge filed against you. It’s incredibly important to contact a criminal lawyer in Miami if you’ve had a sex crime charge filed against you. A sex crime attorney in Miami is your best chance of keeping your reputation clean.

Excellent Legal Representation

As soon as Mr. Weiner learned he was under investigation, he contacted his attorneys, and they started working with the prosecutors right away, hoping to get one of two things done:

  1. A decision to drop the charges against Mr. Weiner
  2. A criminal indictment with a lesser charge

By getting the best legal representation as soon as possible, Mr. Weiner improved his chances of significantly reducing his legal liability.

The Impact of the Charges Filed Against Him

The prosecutors could have charged Mr. Weiner with any of the following:

  1. Production of child pornography – This charge carries a mandatory minimum 15-year sentence if convicted.
  2. Receipt of child pornography – This charge carries a mandatory minimum 5-year sentence if convicted.
  3. Possession of child pornography – This charge doesn’t have a mandatory minimum sentence, even though the defendant is likely to spend some time in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors and Mr. Weiner eventually reached a plea deal and Mr. Weiner is set to be sentenced on September 25th, 2017.


Because of the nature of sex offense allegations, it’s important to get in touch with a competent attorney as soon as possible no matter what situation or jurisdiction you’re in. You never want to be in the corner alone. A lawyer might not be able to prevent charges altogether, but they can reduce the likelihood you will spend time in prison and will work to lessen your legal liability as much as possible.

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