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How to Make Sure a DUI Doesn’t Ruin Your Life

Being charged with a DUI is an extremely serious offense and it should be treated as such. You’ll be charged a large fine and have your license temporarily suspended. A DUI will also increase your insurance rates and can even include jail time in some cases. Things become even more serious when you’re given a guilty court verdict, as this can impact your employment options, financial future, and ability for international travel. However, a DUI does not have to be the end of your world.

With the expert legal services of the criminal defense attorney at Stroleny Law P.A., along with the following tips, you can survive the emotional crisis that is a DUI charge and come out strong in the end.

Write down every detail of your DUI arrest

The court will focus on three specific factors during trial: how you were driving when you were pulled over, how you looked and acted during questioning and sobriety tests, and the results of your field sobriety tests and chemical blood/breath tests.

Remember that you are always innocent until proven guilty

When you’re charged with drunk driving based on a failed sobriety test, it’s easy to feel guilty. In any court of law, you are always presumed innocent until proven guilty. Proof rests on the prosecution who must unanimously prove the guilt to all jurors.

Your criminal defense attorney is there to present evidence against the field sobriety test or chemical test. There are actually many valid defenses to a DUI, so don’t assume guilt before you need to.

Never represent yourself

Your driving privileges and freedom is at stake during a DUI trial, making it essential to hire a qualified DUI attorney. At Stroleny P.L., we have the criminal law expertise that is necessary to successfully defend you during a complex DUI trial. We are one of Miami’s most prominent DUI defense firms, with a track record for successfully defending DUI cases. We’ll review your case, identify possibilities and outcomes, and dedicate ourselves to minimizing and even dismissing the charges. We want you to be able to keep your driver’s license just as much as you do.

Learn the consequences of a guilty conviction

Every state has its own drunk driving laws, it’s important to be aware of them before going to trial. Convictions can include suspension of driving privileges, fines, jail time, or participation in an alcohol program. The court decides on punishment based on a few things:

  • Is it your first conviction?
  • Is it a probation violation?
  • The case facts like blood alcohol content level, whether or not there was an accident, and dangerous driving involved.
  • Your behavior during and after being arrested

Stroleny’s lawyers will help you understand all of your different defense options, outcomes, and personal consequences.

Don’t discuss the DUI with anyone else

If you talk about your DUI arrest with co-workers, this can negatively impact your employment and future opportunities at your company. Should anyone ask you about the issue, refer them to your lawyer, and explain that you can’t discuss the topic.

Anyone you talk to could be called in for court to testify against you, so be careful when decided to discuss the DUI with family and friends.

Stroleny Law, P.A. is an award-winning criminal defense law firm that promises to handle every client’s case via a former state prosecutor. The criminal defense attorney at our firm has handled thousands of cases, so he knows how to get the best results for every case.

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