Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Entrapment in Florida Drug Cases

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When a regular citizen finds themselves on the receiving end of a criminal court case, it can be a normal response to feel rather helpless and even victimized. It can feel as though the ‘force of the government’ is being brought down upon you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

But as a Miami criminal law firm, we have a more nuanced understanding of the law. When the law is being used as a weapon against citizens, we must put the law back to use for the benefit of the citizens.

In reality, the law is highly complex and is designed in a way to prevent it from being abused on either side. If you find yourself facing charges for crimes relating to drugs, then there are numerous defenses that a good Miami Drug Crime Attorney can use for your benefit.

One is the entrapment defense. Many criminal lawyers in Miami will overlook this option but it is a very important defense.

Basically, entrapment explains cases where you have been purposefully induced to engage in illegal behavior which you are not predisposed to do. For example then, if a police officer were to go undercover and sell you drugs only after “twisting your arm” to buy the drugs, this would be considered entrapment.

In one recent case in Florida, a defendant was charged with drug trafficking after setting up a deal between a cocaine supplier and a buyer. It transpired that the buyer was actually a confidential informant for the police. It was therefore argued by the defense lawyer that the defendant was a victim of entrapment. The defendant testified that they were addicted to cocaine and also used other illegal drugs. Because they couldn’t afford their habit, they had considered this option as a way to earn cash. The confidential informant approached the defendant and asked him to set up the deal. The defendant reported that they several times said no and that they weren’t interested and that they only went ahead once they had been offered cocaine in exchange for setting up the deal. Once they agreed to this, they were arrested by police for trafficking even before the deal was done.

Regardless of where you stand regarding the morals of this case, the fact remains that this did not follow proper protocol and in fact the defendant had been encouraged into illegal action.

In Florida, it is not considered entrapment when police disrupt ongoing criminal activity using ‘reasonable means’. However, in many cases, a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney may successfully use the argument of entrapment.

These examples demonstrate clearly why it is so important that you get expert legal advice and aid when facing any criminal charges. At Stroleny Law: Criminal Defense Attorney, we are a Miami criminal law firm with an encyclopedic knowledge of the law and how it can be used to protect you and your rights. To find out more, get in touch with us at 305-615-1285 and we will discuss your circumstances.

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