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Miami Criminal Attorney Tips on Avoiding a Disorderly Charge

Avoid a Disorderly Charge This Holiday Season

Miami criminal defense attorneys are accustomed to receiving something of an avalanche of phone calls this time of year as revelers and New Years party-goers take to the streets. Many people are invariably arrested on the grounds of raucous behavior. Don’t allow yourself to be one of those on the wrong side of the law.

Being drunk in public can result in the most unexpected of outcomes, not all of which lead to festive and joyful feelings.  So by all means, hail a cab after a few drinks and take to the sidewalks to jump into the passenger seat of your ride home, just don’t cause a public disturbance while you’re at it. Although laws in Florida allow individuals to be intoxicated in public, loud behavior is treated as a 2nd degree misdemeanor and can result in breach of the peace charges being laid against you.

The said breach of public peace laws in Florida can result in fines of up to $500 and land you in jail for as long as 60 days. Sobering facts for anyone who wants to avoid being locked up during the holidays. Other violations which a criminal defense attorney is accustomed to hearing include the use of obscene or abusive language, making excessively loud noises and of course, public brawling. Riots are less common, but constitute a serious criminal offense.

Here are some tips on how to avoid finding yourself in hot water for disorderly conduct:

– Know how you behave when drunk; Drink accordingly.

– Plan your route home before drinking.

– Stick to drinking in more predictable surroundings like friends or family members’ homes.

– Stay overnight at the private residence where you’ve been consuming alcohol if possible.

– Avoid physical conflict.

If you’re approached by police officers while drunk, the best advice we as a Miami criminal law firm can give you is to remain quiet and calm. You may sound sober to yourself in such situations, but drunkenness can often distort your sense of behavior in contrast to what onlookers see.

Should you be arrested for disorderly behavior, an experienced criminal defense attorney in Miami may be able to help to reduce the charges or have them dropped altogether.  As the old adage goes though, prevention is always the better than cure.

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