Miami Criminal Lawyers Must Advise Clients of Immigration Consequences

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Miami criminal lawyers have a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Among these, it is our job to inform clients regarding the consequences that an arrest can have on their immigration status.

This is something that some clients do not immediately consider when choosing their Miami criminal defense attorney. When an individual is arrested and they are not a US citizen, there are deportation consequences that they may have to face and it is crucial that they are fully informed of what that may entail.

Even small misdemeanor criminal charges can potentially have serious implications for immigrants. The law actively requires criminal defense attorneys in Miami to discuss these potential outcomes with their clients and to advise them accordingly prior to their trial. This could impact their decision to plead guilty, or to make a no contest plea or a not guilty plea.

The problem here is that many of the criminal defense lawyers in Miami are not fully informed regarding these laws and they do not have all of the requisite information to pass on to their clients. Immigration laws in the US are vast and highly complicated and thus it is crucial when you choose someone to act as your representative and consult, that you ensure they have all of the most accurate, up-to-date and relevant information as it may pertain to your case.

Someone who pleads guilty or no contest to a charge might be able to withdraw their plea if the judge deems that they were not fully informed of the consequences this might have on their status. While this does offer some protection for those who do not get all of the accurate information they need, it is a less preferable outcome to actually getting the correct information from the start. Again, we absolutely urge you to find a criminal attorney in Miami who has the necessary information and can help you to make the best informed choice.

At Stroleny Law: Criminal Defense Attorney, we have just the knowledge you need to help you make the best possible choices in your case. We have helped advise countless cases and we know the law in Florida inside out. We always act in your best interests, providing you with all the information you could need while ultimately allowing you to make the decision that is best for you.

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