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Miami Cracks Down on Super Bowl Sex Traffickers

Written by:Julian Stroleny PortraitJulian Stroleny

Miami Dade State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, says there will be zero tolerance for sex traffickers attempting to profit from the Super Bowl. Submitting an article to the Miami Herald about her strong stance against sex trafficking, the State Attorney made it clear that prosecuting such crimes would be her highest priority. Citing her lobbying work in the 2013 Florida legislative session, Ms. Rundle praised the revamping of the human trafficking statutes and increases in potential punishments. At the same time, she created Florida’s first prosecution unit tasked to combat human trafficking and related crimes. The unit has gone on to file 619 trafficking-related cases, 36% were cases involving minor children.

Addressing her efforts to curb sex trafficking during the Super Bowl, the State Attorney highlighted her partnering with the NFL, Super Bowl Host Committee, law enforcement at the state and federal levels, and community organizations. In addition to discussing the partnerships, a human trafficking hotline was a significant focus of Ms. Rundle’s article. Those who suspect human trafficking are asked to call the helpline and use of a new technology, QR codes, makes it easier to access the hotline. 

Arrested for Trafficking or Prostitution?

With increased pressure on law enforcement agencies to make sex trafficking arrests, there will be innocent defendants from mistaken arrests. If you would like to speak with a criminal defense attorney about your case, we are available for consultation.  

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Prostitution arrests often take place with no audio or video surveillance, leaving the police officer’s recollection of events to be the majority of the State’s evidence. We believe this to be an unjust practice, making it more likely that police officers fabricate events in order to justify bad arrests. If you have been arrested for a sex offense and would like to dispute the charges in court, call our office now and ask to speak with a criminal attorney. We are always looking for clients interested in taking their cases to trial. You can reach our office 24/7 at (305) 615-1285 or submit a query on our webpage at

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