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Prostitution Arrests in Miami

A prostitution arrest is an embarrassing charge for any party engaging in a sex for money transaction.  Clients who have hired me are frequently concerned about others discovering their arrest.  I understand the sensitive situation those arrested for prostitution are in.  A prostitution arrest can have devastating consequences if discovered by family, spouses, friends, work colleagues, or fellow students.  In Miami, prostitution stings are commonly conducted by local law enforcement agencies on both the Johns and prostitutes.  Our criminal defense lawyer is a former prosecutor who headed the Misdemeanor Screening Unit at the Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office and were responsible for charging all misdemeanor prostitution arrests in Miami Dade County.  He has the experience to work for the best resolution to your prostitution case and he wants to help.

Common Prostitution Stings in Miami

Prostitution stings are common in Miami due to high levels of prostitution offenses being conducted in certain high traffic areas.  Various law enforcement agencies commonly attempt to pick up Johns and prostitutes on highly trafficked roads such as SW 8th Street, Flagler Street, NW 79th Street, Chrome Avenue, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue.  If you have been arrested as part of a street detail sting, consult with a Miami criminal lawyer immediately to discuss your case.

Law enforcement also conducts hotel and motel sting operations where they either post fake ads online to attract Johns or respond to online ads and attempt to lure prostitutes.  In the event law enforcement feels the alleged prostitute was driven to the location by another individual, that other individual will likely also be taken into custody and charged with transportation for the purposes of prostitution.

Sting Operation is Likely Not Recorded

The great majority of prostitution arrests in Miami are not recorded with audio or video surveillance.  This is very disturbing because cases frequently result in a “he said, she said” scenario.  Officers lure in suspected targets and then later testify in court about what was said and often have no proof other than their memory.  This creates a scenario where officers are incentivized to exaggerate or in some instances completely falsify the truth.  Some sting operations are conducted in hotel bars where flirting may be misinterpreted and an arrest-happy officer may later falsify evidence through their testimony.

Miami Criminal Lawyer

If you have been arrested for prostitution your first phone call should be to a criminal defense attorney in Miami.  Don’t rely on an attorney who doesn’t have extensive experience in prosecuting and defending prostitution charges.  The attorney at Stroleny Law, P.A. spent his time prosecuting crimes so that he could one day deliver the highest quality criminal defense services.  Our attorney can quickly examine your arrest affidavit and determine what your best course of action is.  In many circumstances he can poke holes in the prosecution’s game plan and convince them to reduce or drop charges due to technical errors.  If you would like to speak to a Miami criminal defense attorney, call the offices of Stroleny Law, P.A. at (305) 615-1285.

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