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Divorces Often Lead to False Domestic Violence Accusations


Many divorces proceed without a hitch, and the two parties can go their separate ways without serious issues, hopefully even remaining friends. But with the majority of divorces, this is not the case—most divorces turn ugly. And frequently, there are cases where the divorce takes a bad turn and false accusations of domestic violence add fuel to the fire. In these situations, you want an experienced criminal lawyer in Miami who can provide you with the best representation for your case.

Divorce Statistics

Divorces have become an increasingly common part of life, and it’s known that an incredible 41% of first marriages end in divorce—and the number is even higher when you look at second marriages: approximately 60% of second marriages end in divorce. Yes, the number goes even higher up when you look at third marriages—you can see how many of these divorces will statistically turn ugly in court.

An Ugly Divorce

Divorces Often Lead to False Domestic Violence Accusations - Criminal Lawyer In Miami FL

A divorce can suddenly turn from bad to worse when false accusations of domestic violence are added to the case. This can affect custody battles that are currently still ongoing and affect the outcome in favor of the other parent, and some know this is a highly powerful bargaining tool when it comes to destroying someone’s reputation in front of a court. This can also affect someone on a professional level and ensure that they are fired from their current job—or that they can’t find work from then on at all. Once a divorce starts to turn ugly, you need a Miami criminal defense lawyer to take charge of the case on your behalf.

Affecting Your Reputation

False domestic violence accusations are often thrown into divorce proceedings in an attempt to destroy someone’s reputation, and if you are the defendant in this case, you will need the services of an experienced Miami criminal attorney to ensure your reputation stays intact and the truth becomes known. The damage caused by false domestic violence accusations can be far-reaching, affecting everything from your social life to whether you can find work—it can even affect child custody or lead to jail time. Can you afford the lasting damage? You want a Miami criminal defense lawyer to pursue the truth.

False Domestic Violence Accusations

Divorces Often Lead to False Domestic Violence Accusations - Criminal Lawyer

When you have been affected by false domestic violence accusations, you immediately realize how much is at stake: your whole life and your reputation. You will want a Miami criminal attorney to represent you and ensure you are represented in a fair manner. False accusations of domestic violence can ruin your career and your reputation, and they can land you with serious fines, jail time, and a record. Don’t be caught off guard. Consult us for a competent Miami criminal defense lawyer who has your best interests in mind.

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