Domestic Violence Charges During Quarantine

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Divorce lawyers and criminal defense lawyers know one thing for sure during a quarantine, domestic violence cases are going to be on the rise. Sadly, spikes in domestic violence happen when people are locked inside a home because of natural disasters. Advice on the subject from healthcare professionals is unanimous, if there are domestic violence concerns in a house, get out!

Staying a Room Apart From One Another Is Not Enough

Some people think that when surviving a quarantine, it is enough to simply stay in different rooms. All the evidence is to the contrary. In a domestic violence situation, the distance between two rooms is not enough, and tensions are likely to erupt eventually. If there was ever a time to move in with family or a friend, to get you out of the situation, now is the time. A situation that was already bad is not going to get better or even remain the same. Quarantine is like steroids for a domestic violence problem.

This is Not Status Quo

Standard de-escalation techniques are not enough during a quarantine. Victims of domestic violence typically have external justifications for spending more time out of the house. Some victims work extra hours, take longer running errands, or find any reason to leave the house. During a quarantine, all these options are taken away and what results is additional time spent with the abuser. This absence of diversions only makes domestic violence situations worse. Further compounding on the issue, the abuser now has additional stressors (financial, work, social, etc.) which only result in more abuse being inflicted on the victim.

If You are the Victim of Domestic Violence, Get Out Now

If you are the victim of domestic violence, stay with friends or family during this uncertain time. Learn more about treatment options. If you are in need of assistance with filing an injunction (stay away order) from your abuser, contact our office, and we will be happy to help. If you have been charged with domestic violence yourself, call our office and see how we can best help you in your time of need. Stay safe out there, and hopefully, we can all make it through this pandemic safely and happily.  Stroleny Law is a criminal defense practice in Miami, owned and operated by Miami domestic violence attorney and former state prosecutor, Julian Stroleny, Esq. Visit our website at or contact our office at (305) 615-1285.

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