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Florida Senator Pushes for Access to Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana - Miami Criminal Lawyer

More good news for Florida’s medical marijuana advocates could soon be a reality. Senator Rob Bradley proposed a new plan on the 26th of January which, if enacted, could effectively see the plant being used legally for a greater number of individuals than ever before. The plan aims to slacken restrictions placed on medical usage of the drug as well.

Bradley’s proposals also aim to do away with the legal waiting period of 90 days, during which doctors are currently obliged to treat patients before they’re allowed to prescribe Marijuana for medical purposes. However, patients would also be allowed larger prescriptions if his suggestion is actioned, with the treatment amount being increased from a 45-day prescription to a 90-day prescription. Some forms of edible marijuana packaged to attract children would however be banned.

As of yet it’s not easy to tell the full the number of legally treatable diseases which would be included under the plan, but it appears at this point that this will be extended to include any conditions which cause chronic pain. This will have specific relevance for anyone who needs to hire a Miami medical marijuana lawyer to help them push for the treatment of their disease.  While doctors currently have to undergo 8 hours of training to prescribe medical marijuana, the Senator’s proposal would see this cut down to 4 hours.

The legal ability to treat individuals with full strength medical marijuana would be granted to seven already-licensed organizations who will then act as treatment centers for terminally ill patients. Currently these organizations are only allowed to treat epilepsy and cancer patients with non-euphoric marijuana. As for the bigger picture, Senator Bradley proposes that the total number of licenses granted for new treatment centers using full strength marijuana be increased by five for every 100,000 new patients registered on the State’s database.

These changes are a positive development for those who need access to marijuana as a form of medical treatment. If you or someone you know of has been caught in possession of marijuana illegally however, this shift could potentially place the drug itself in a more positive light and our Miami Criminal Lawyer could use this to your case’s advantage.

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