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How Pre-filing Representation Can Help Your Case

How Pre-filing Representation Can Help - Criminal Lawyer in Miami

In the event that you’re about to be arrested or placed under investigation, the run-up to charges being filed can be an especially daunting period. What remains unknown to many people is that this is an opportunity to be proactive, rather than passively awaiting for charges to be filed and hoping for the best.

Pre-filing representation provides a very good reason to make contact with a criminal lawyer in Miami as soon as possible. This process involves providing evidence that can change the nature of charges before they are filed, or potentially eliminate the need for charges to be filed altogether.

Situated at the Miami State attorney’s Office is a pre-filing unit whose purpose it is to assess felony charges brought against members of the public. Using the evidence at their disposal, that state functionary decides which of those charges, if any, are valid before the defendant goes to court.

In the event that you have been accused a crime, an experienced criminal lawyer in Miami can be hired to establish communication with the state attorney. Once this has been achieved, our criminal defense law firm in Miami will be in a position to submit a well constructed memo detailing the facts of the case from your own perspective.

Because police are not always accurate in their statements, it’s often necessary to make sure your side of the story is appreciated by the state attorney. Your case can be bolstered by arguments which draw from letters, photographs and other exhibits.

There exists no better or more clean-cut way of avoiding trial than for the state attorney to proclaim “no action” on your file. Although the possibility remains open that the case will be filed at a later date in light of new evidence, this is an unlikely scenario and the announcement of “no action” generally means you have successfully avoided prosecution.

If you or someone you know has been falsely accused of a felony, or if you would like to explore the possibility of a pre-filing representation to make the most of the window period between arrest and prosecution, we strongly recommend that you contact our Miami criminal law firm immediately.

Without a knowledgeable attorney’s intervention, only the facts presented by the state will be considered, and this is only one side of the story. A “no action” or reduced-charge decision not only has the advantage of cutting down court fees, but will remove the stress that comes with awaiting trial, along with any doubt as to whether the worst outcome could have been avoided in the first place.

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