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What Happens When You Ignore a Subpoena


A subpoena (sometimes referred to as a court summons) is a legal document issued by the court, and it orders someone to appear in court. It could be an order to appear in court to testify, to produce documents required by the court in a specific case, or to agree to a property inspection. If you ignore a subpoena, it can carry severe penalties, including a fine or jail time. Have you received a subpoena and don’t know what to do next? You’ll want the services of a Miami criminal defense attorney to represent you if you’re nervous about an upcoming subpoena.

Defining a Subpoena

A subpoena is a court document issued by the court that orders its recipient to adhere to a specific request from the court. This can be your direct participation in a court case as a witness, or it can be a demand to produce certain documents or objects as evidence to the court about a specific case; in some instances, it can also compel the recipient to allow a premises inspection.

Being Served

What Happens When You Ignore a Subpoena - Criminal Defense Attorney

What Happens When You Ignore a Subpoena – Criminal Defense Attorney

A subpoena can be served in several ways, usually by a process server or clerk of the court. It can be delivered to the recipient by hand, e-mail, or certified mail, though there have been cases where defendants have been served by the court by alternative electronic means, such as through WhatsApp. Once you have received a summons or a subpoena from the court, you will want an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Miami to instruct you on your next step, especially if the case involves you or your family.

Penalties Associated With Ignoring a Subpoena

In the case of an inspection, the recipient has a timeframe of two weeks during which time they can object to the subpoena, but ignoring the instructions contained on a subpoena carries severe penalties for its recipient. For example, if you don’t show up on the date and time mentioned on the subpoena, you can be held in contempt of court and be forced to pay a big fine, sent to jail—or both. In some cases, the recipient can prove to the court the original items or documents were lost and they cannot be produced; in most cases, this is a hard defense to support, and you don’t want to be caught off guard. In that situation, you should speak to a criminal defense lawyer in Miami to make sure that you are standing on the right side of the law.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami

What Happens When You Ignore a Subpoena - Criminal Defense Attorney Miami

What Happens When You Ignore a Subpoena – Criminal Defense Attorney Miami

If you’ve been served with a subpoena or court summons of any kind, you should get in touch with a Miami criminal defense lawyer immediately who can tell you what your next step should be. Nobody wants to deal with the penalties associated with being held in contempt of court, and if you have to appear in court—even for something seemingly small—you’re better off showing up with criminal defense attorney.

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