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White Collar crimes are usually nonviolent offenses that typically involve fraud, deception or some form of misrepresentation in order to seek something of value, such as money or other financial assets. They exist both at the state and federal level and can carry severe penalties such as jail time and payment of large fines. White Collar crimes include bank fraud, credit card fraudembezzlement, employee theft, immigration fraud, insider trading, insurance fraud, IRS fraud, mail fraud, mortgage fraudforgery, bribery, money laundering, counterfeiting, organized fraud, practicing or contracting without a license, sales tax fraud, securities fraud, staging accidents, state tax evasion, tax fraud, and wire fraud. More information on each of the above listed white collar crimes can be found below.

Bank Fraud is the act of defrauding a bank by taking or using its funds unlawfully. Individuals convicted of bank fraud can also face charges of petit theft or grand theft.

Credit Card Fraud includes the following actions: trafficking counterfeit credit access devices, using fake credit cards, and knowingly using false information to obtain credit with the intent to defraud.

Embezzlement is the withholding of assets such as property or credit from the rightful owner for the purpose of unlawful conversion or misappropriation.

Employee Theft is the unlawful taking of an employer’s property for the use of another. Essentially, employee theft occurs when employees steal from their workplace and thus from their employers.

Immigration Fraud occurs when an individual falsely alters or makes a document required for lawful entry into the United States.

Insider Trading occurs when an individual with access to non-public information trades company securities such as stock.

Insurance Fraud refers to false insurance claims or the fraudulent receipt of insurance benefits.

IRS Fraud occurs when an individual willfully attempts to evade taxes imposed by Federal law.

Mail Fraud occurs when an individual uses the United States postal service and any of its ancillary post offices or other mail related means to effectuate a scheme to defraud another individual.

Mortgage Fraud occurs when an individual obtains or tries to obtain a mortgage by using false information or by making misrepresentations during the mortgage lending process.

Forgery / Counterfeiting occurs when an individual falsely makes, alters, counterfeits, or forges a document that carries legal efficacy and in doing so intends to injure or defraud a person or entity.

Money Laundering occurs when an individual makes the proceeds of a crime appear to be money that has been legitimately earned.

Organized Fraud includes the following crimes: mortgage fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud.

Practicing or Contracting Without a License occurs when an unlicensed individual in a professional field such as law or medicine presents himself/herself as a qualified licensed professional authorized to engage in such activity.

Sales Tax Fraud occurs when an individual fails to or misstates the amount of sales tax owed to the state or federal government.

Securities Fraud occurs when an individual engages in behavior to unlawfully acquire a security based on false statements or misrepresentations or by deceiving another individual.

Staging Accidents refers to any behavior or plan to defraud insurance companies by making false statements to acquire insurance proceeds in relation to a fake or intentional accident.

State Tax Evasion occurs when an individual intends to unlawfully deprive the state of money owed to it by order of a tax code.

Tax Fraud occurs when an individual attempts to evade or defeat a tax imposed and consequently deprives the state or federal government of funds rightly owed to them.

Wire Fraud occurs when an individual attempts to obtain money or property through false representations or by falsely deceiving another using telephone or wire communication.

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