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Today, more people pay with plastic than ever before and they’re not using cash as often. With the uptick in credit card activity, there is also an uptick in credit card fraud. Much of the world’s credit card fraud occurs in the United States. In fact, 47% of the world’s credit card fraud occurs in the United States. Nearly 32 million people had their cards used fraudulently in 2014 alone. That is almost 10% of the U.S. population. Alarmingly, that was nearly three times the amount of credit card fraud in 2013. Because there is so much credit card fraud, credit card companies and vendors are watching out for it. Credit card fraud is often committed alongside identity theft. If you’ve been arrested for credit card fraud, you need a Miami criminal lawyer who can defend you in court. Credit card fraud is a very serious charge, and a criminal attorney in Miami can help get you through it.

Credit card fraud can be charged as a federal crime or a state crime. If you attempt credit card fraud to get money, goods, or something of value, then you could be charged with this serious crime. It doesn’t matter whether you went after a credit card, debit card, gas card, ATM card, or another type of plastic card. If you’ve been charged with credit card fraud, don’t hesitate to call a Miami criminal defense attorney in our office. A good criminal attorney in Miami can help you get through the allegation and emerge with the smallest consequences possible.

How is credit card fraud proven?

Credit card is a crime like any other. Because of that, the prosecutor will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed credit card fraud. There is a high burden of proof on the prosecutor.

credit card fraud

They will have to show at least the following:

  • That the defendant knowingly used an access device belonging to someone else; and
  • That they tried to defraud with their use of the access device.

Credit card fraud is a very serious offense and offenders can be sentenced to prison for even a first-time offense.

What’s the best legal defense?

If you’ve been charged with credit card fraud in Florida, your best defense is to call an experienced attorney. Our attorney can help you fight allegations of credit card fraud. The government has attorneys trained in prosecuting fraud charges and you’re going to need support in your corner. Contact a white collar crimes lawyer in Miami if you’re having trouble with a credit card fraud case.

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