Yes, You Can Get a DUI on an Electric Scooter!

Written by:Julian Stroleny PortraitJulian Stroleny

Everywhere around Miami, electric scooters are popping up and being used by residents and tourists. They’re fun, convenient and economical. But did you know you could get a DUI if you’re caught driving one while your normal faculties are impaired or you have a blood alcohol level of .08 or above? A DUI is probably the last thing you were thinking about before hoping on a scooter, but our criminal defense attorney wants you to be aware of the risk you’re taking if you drive a scooter after having too much to drink. 

Electric scooters are all the rage in the popular neighborhoods of Brickell, Wynwood, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables. Commuters use them to get to work, ride between apartment buildings, and sometimes hop on them after happy hours or weekend brunches. While people have long been aware of stories of DUIs on golf carts and bicycles, electric scooters are sure to be the next source of DUI arrests.

Absent a terrible driving pattern, or using the scooter in a way unauthorized by the law, you’re unlikely to get pulled over by police while driving a scooter. However, impaired drivers that get into an accident while riding their scooter are likely to come into contact with law enforcement. And when the officer on the scene notices you’ve had too much to drink, don’t be surprised when they conduct a DUI investigation and treat your little scooter like a full size vehicle.

The moral of the story is, if you’ve been drinking, don’t hop on one of the conveniently placed scooters around town. Treat the scooters like every other vehicle and avoid it, instead, use a popular ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft. If you have been arrested for a DUI on a scooter, you should treat it like any other DUI and contact a DUI defense attorney in Miami immediately. Depending on the facts of the case, you may have many options for the defense of your case. Prosecutors are also new to handling scooter DUI cases, and that comes with its perks for those accused of a DUI on a scooter. If you have any questions about getting a DUI on a scooter, or if you need the services of a DUI defense attorney in Miami, contact the offices of Stroleny Law for your free consultation. Our criminal defense attorney is a former state prosecutor with the experience needed to get you the best possible results in your case.

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